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Unico Deutschland GmbH

Company Profile: System engineering, manufacturing and supply of:

  • Servo drives of own manufacturing up to 1.25 MW ac
  • Standard drives of all well known manufacturers
  • Control and automation
    • PLC Simatic S7
    • VME-bus computer
    • DSP for embedded drive applications
  • Visualization
    • Industrial-PC
    • Siemens ProToolPro
    • Siemens Win-CC, Win-CC flex
    • Wonderware INTOUCH
  • Commissioning and start up worldwide
  • Maintenance and service worldwide

Delivery program: Drives and controls for:

  • Rotary cutoffs
  • Register mark control with pattern recognition
  • Automatic slitter scorer
  • Flying shears and saws
  • Eccentric shears and crank shears
  • Swing shears
  • Rocker guillotine shears
  • Slider crank shears (Scroll cuts)
  • Crop shears for hot strip mills
  • Rotary tube saws
  • Feed to Stop systems
  • Slitting lines
  • Cut to length lines
  • Stackers
  • Transport systems
  • Automotive teststands (R&D and End-of-Line)
  • Oil drilling
  • Oil pumping (SRP, ESP, PCP)
  • Locomotive drives (traction and board power supply)
  • Press transfer systems and press automation
  • Crane and hoist
  • Water irrigation

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Today the UNICO group employs more than 400 people worldwide.


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