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Drum Shear for Metal

When metal strips are cut into plates the cut length of the individual plates must correspond very accurately to the requested dimensions. Our drives achieve extraordinarily high precisions with drum shears:

Length tolerances: +/-0.08 mm for 99.7 % of all cuts.

This corresponds to a Gauss curve with Sigma 3

Thanks to the direct drive, the drum shear may cut any requested length.


The servo drive positions the knives to the desired cutting position. Within the contact angle the knives have the same speed as the material. This grants a linear and rectangular cut. After the contact angle the knives are accelerated or decelerated, depending on the cut length.


For synchronous cut length (circum¬ference length) the drive sticks to the position of the material. Changes in material movement are controlled by the position control of the cutoff drive. The material and the cutoff move like  interlocked with a gear.


For short cut lengths (under-synchro¬nous) the servo drive accelerates after the contact angle and thus passes the material. The knives are duly decelerated to material speed and the correct position is set.


For long cut lengths (over-synchronous) the servo drive decelerates after the contact angle and lets the material pass. The knives are duly accelerated to material speed and the correct position is set.


All this is done with speeds of also more that 359 m/min.

Hard to believe, but true!






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