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Rotary Tube Saw

Tubes that have to meet high requirements concerning bursting strength are seamless rolled in stretch-rolling reducing mills. The tubes leave the rolling mill with a speed of up to 7.5 m/s and with a temperature of considerably over 600 °C. At this high speed a rotary saw saws the tube into the requested lengths.


Line speed: 7,5 m/s (450 m/min)

The tube saw consists of two rockers (parallelogram) that perform a circular motion. A platform with a saw motor is mounted onto these rockers. Consequently, the complete saw motor is moving on the circular path. A servo drive positions the saw rockers in a way that the saw blade separates the tube into the requested parts. The synchronous movement of tube and saw blade in machine direction is very important as otherwise the cut would not be rectangular. The thicker head and tale are ejected into the scrap tubs. The residual length at the end of a tube is separated into saleable lengths. Some saws have a chain with separate drive which supports the tube from below within the cut. The chain links are positioned in a way that the saw blade cuts the tube exactly in the clearance between two links.





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