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Eccentric Shear

In rolling mills metal strips are coiled. Cross cutters cut individual plates out of these coils. The thicker the material is, the higher is the required cutting power. The cutting power increases with the square of the strip thickness. Eccentric shears are used for strips of more than 3 mm thickness. They can accomplish the high cutting force by means of their rugged construction.


Very high demands are made on the servo drive of the eccentric shear:

  • high acceleration rate to achieve production speed
  • precise positioning to obtain the accurate cut lengths
  • overload within the cut of up to 2,4 times the motor's nominal torque
  • synchronisation of knife and material speed within the cut by lowering the speed in order to obtain a straight and rectangular cut
  • acceleration after the cut so that the leading edge of the strip does not abrade respectively pile up at the knife


Current-speed-behaviour of a DC servo motor






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