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Combined Slitting and Cut-to-Length Line

This Metal Processing Line was developed especially for Steel-Service-Center. It is a combined slitting and cut-to-length line which is installed at company GNIDA in Nürtingen.

Operation mode cut-to-length


When operating in cut-to-length mode, a hydraulic shear cuts plates out of the band. A roller feed positions the band in the shear so that the desired cut length is precisely cut.

Longitudinal cutting mode


When the line is operating in longitudinal cutting mode, the slitter cuts individual strips out of the band. These strips are coiled and transported to the further processing.


Visualization of operator's guidance and error messages


In order to grant for quick fault repair, pictures showing the failure cause lead the operator purposefully to the point of failure. This visualization is very helpful to reduce downtimes. Originally the line disposed of just one stacking unit. This caused downtimes when changing the stacks. A stacker with two stacking units was added. This allowed for stacking the plates alternately on two palettes. Changing the stack and transporting the packets is made automatically.

bandanlage5Plates of up to 16 m length can be stacked by joining both stacking units together to one large stacking unit. The third stacking unit collects samples or plates of bad quality. The packing machine wraps paper round the completed stacks. Then they are stored ready for dispatch.


Technical data:

Line speed: 120 m/min longitudinal cutting mode
25 m/min cut-to-length mode
Material width: 2100 mm
Material thickness: 8 mm
Material traction: 70000 N
Weight per coil: 40 t





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