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Metal Processing Lines

Unico is a leader in the evolution of drive systems for the metal processing industry. Applications for Unico drives in that industry include uncoilers, recoilers, temper mills, slitters, edge trimmers, straighteners, tension levellers, looping pits, press feeders, shears, rotary cutoffs, flying cutoffs, blanking presses, scrap conveyors, and stackers.

bandanlage5Metal Processing Line

Metal Processing Lines are Combined Slitting and Cut-to-Length Lines.


Drum Shear for Metalquerschneider1

When metal strips are cut into plates the cut length of the individual plates must correspond very accurately to the requested dimensions.


exzenterschere1Eccentric Shear

In rolling mills metal strips are coiled. Cross cutters cut individual plates out of these coils. Eccentric shears are used for strips of more than 3 mm thickness. They can accomplish the high cutting force by means of their rugged construction.

Eccentric Swing Shearexzenter-schwenkschere1

The eccentric swing shear is able to cut such blanks on the fly, that means without stopping the material and with adjustable angles. In the automotive industry as well as for the construction of transformers trapezoidal blanks are required.

lngsschneider_fuer_aluminiumband_1Slitter for Aluminium Stripes (Slitting-Line)

A slitting line cuts a coil of aluminium into stripes. These stripes are recoiled for miscellaneous applications.

Thrust Crank Shearschubkurbelschere1

The thrust crank shear has a removable knife coffer for fast tool change. The trust crank shear can execute both straight and scroll cuts.


rohrsaege1Rotary Tube Saw

At high speed metal tubes are cut into the desired length.


Crop shearschopfschere1

Precise cropping of the head and tail of steel. Every millimeter counts, as the rolled strip is stretched to up to its twentyfold length.






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