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The Print Image as Register Mark

The high-performance sheeter type ROTOCUT HS from company VITS register accurately cuts preprinted paper web with high speed (more than 800 m/min).


Up to now, special register marks were necessary for the synchronization of the crop mark. These register marks were either on the printed section or mostly outside the print image. With the new designed register control the crop mark can be synchronized by means of suitable contrast changes in the print image. At first, the operator adjusts the optical sensor across the paper web running direction onto a suitable contrast pattern that should preferably be rectangular to the machine direction.The comfortable operator guidance in the visualization guides the operator.

Red light: Adjusting mode


The line is started and the first cut of the sheeter is manually adjusted to the requested cutting position. The system determins the offset (distance) between the zero pulse of the printing unit and the cutting point of the sheeter. The offset is required to synchronize sheeter and printing machine even if there is no image or if the image is not identified.

Yellow light: Scanning mode


The scan function scans the refection values that were detected by the optical sensor over one sheet length and displays the mapping of the measured values as amplitude spectrum on the screen. The operator can adjust the position of the pattern that can be used for the register cut by entering the distance to the cutting point or by moving the curser position on the displayed image. The suitable switching threshold of the measured signal is determined in the same way. The resulting switching pulses are graphically displayed.

Green light: Automatic cutting mode


The control takes the adjusted parameters over as reference values. Now the sheeter is ready for operation with automatic register cut. In case of loosing the mark or the image while the impression cylinders are cleaned the cut synchronization is automatically geared to the phasing in reference to the zero pulse of the printing machine. If the cleaning is finished the control looks for the preset image pattern within the preset distance to the cutting position. A display on the screen shows that the sheeter is operating pattern synchronous. The register control on the basis of the printing image supersedes the printing of special register marks. The complete width of the paper can be used for the printing image.





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