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Cutoff for labels

Labels for beverage bottles pass a long way – in the truest sense of the world – from the printing machine to their completion. The printed paper rolls are transported, individual sheets are cut, piled up, transported, temporarily stored, transported again, shaked, cut to individual strips, and finally a die cutter stamps out the individual labels. This causes very high production costs, requires much storage capacity and additional machines, which has negative influence on the compatibility of the label manufacturer.
A novel cutoff for labels from company WOMAKO considerably reduces these ways.


The innovation is, that the machine directly cuts the labels as stripes out of the paper roll, piles them and passes them automatically to the die cutter for further processing. All the a. m. intermediate steps are omitted. Ever cut is triggered by register mark, so that all labels can be stamped out accurately.


Three knives at the circumference of the cutoff enable these short cut lengths of typically 42 to 130 mm. Just 33 ms pass between one and the next cut.


Behind the two register marks is a triangular mark. An optical sensor measures the length of the triangular mark in the scanning track. With this measured value the computer calculates the position of the labels edge and positions the circular knives for the edge trimming if the printed design runs laterally.


Line speed: 200 m/min; 2000 cuts/min





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