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After production, paper is wrapped upon large rolls. To get ready-made sheets out of these rolls, sheeters cut the paper lengthwise and in transverse direction.
The draw roll drive draws the paper from up to 6 rolls into the machine. Circular knives cut the paper to individual paper webs. The cross cutter from the company E.C.H. Will cuts the sheets into ready to sale formats. Fast belts transport the sheets to a vacuum station which sucks the back edge of the sheets down in order to overlap the sheets on the overlapping belt. A stacker piles the sheets onto palettes.


The heart of the machine is the draw roll drive and the cross cutter. Together these two allow for compliance with very close length tolerances of +/- 0.15 mm at all speeds, also when accelerating or decelerating the line.

This is the strategy:

If the target (the cutting point) is moving with constant speed, it is easier for the shooter (the cross cutter) to hit the target. If the target persistently changes its speed, the shooter (crosscutter) has to track it. This reduces the probability of hitting the target (due to the control variations).


Transferred to the sheeter this means, that a position control of the draw roll drive controls all disturbances of the paper movement and thus the cutting point is transferred continuously and without offset to the cross cutter. The cross cutter can cut the correct length without compensating movement.

Sheeters are high-performance cross cutters:


One or two motors drive the knives.





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