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Stacker for Cardboard

The cutoff passes the cut cardboard sheets onto the transport belts of the stacker. The transport belts transport the overlapping sheets to the stacking unit.

stapler01 stapler02

For changing the piles, the separating unit stops the entering sheets and accelerates the outgoing sheets. The control counts the cuts of the cutoff and activates the separating unit in a way that the requested number of sheets is stacked on one pile.


Light barriers scan the height of the pile and lower the lifting table of the upper stacker respectively lift the transportation platform of the lower stacker.

stapler04 stapler05

Thereby a constant height of fall is realized which is necessary to generate accurate piles. In case of an order change the back stop is automatically adjusted for each sheet size. Transport rollers transport the completed pile to the unloading unit where a transportation system automatically leads the pile to the converting machines.


The control of the complete stacker is made by means of a PLC. A Profibus field bus is responsible for the connection to the input and output terminals.

stapler07 stapler08

stapler09 stapler10

Thus the cabling effort is reduced and it is possible to retrofit a stacker within one extended weekend. By means of the visualization the operators keep track of the production. The automatic transmission of order data from the master computer grants taking over the correct production parameters for the machine.


  • Displaying the automated machine section
  • Encoding in terms of colour (white: out of order, green: in operation, red: fault)
  • Displaying the current number of sheets in relation to the preselected quantity (slider in the graphic)
  • Displaying the current number of sheets
  • Displaying the operation mode (automatic / manual)
  • Displaying the current line speed
  • Displaying the blue header with the current number of sheets (is shown in each screen form)





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