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Today, it is hard to imagine packaging without cardboard boxes. They are not only very suitable for transporting goods, they are also very appropriate advertising media. Printing machines put coloured pictures down on paper. The litho-laminator from the company ASITRADE laminates the printed sheet accurately onto single-faced corrugated board.


The corrugator produces single-faced corrugated board as continuous web. The paper is unwinded from huge rolls. The upper paper web runs through a corrugated roll, where the paper gets its wave form. The glue unit sticks the lower, plane paper web together with the wavy web.


The result is single-faced corrugated board, the basis for the corrugated box.


The main drive of the litho-laminator pulls the single-faced corrugated board into the litho-laminator. There glue is applied to the tops of the waves.A cutoff cuts the web into individual sheets. Vaccum belts transport the glued sheets to the glueing roll.
The paper prefeeder gets individual sheets out of the stack of printed paper sheets and places them overlapping onto a transport belt, which transports the sheets to the acceleration roll. Every individual paper sheet is aligned. The acceleration rolls position the sheet with 5 times the gravity accurately onto the sheet of corrugated board.


The glue hardens in the compression belt, and the completed sheets can be transported in piles to the further processing.





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