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The Single Point Entry Computer for the Dry End

The master computer system was developed to optimize the production process of a corrugator. All entries are made at the master computer – thus error sources like multiple entry of the same data at several machines are eliminated.


The tasks of the master computer:

  • Collect the order data or cutting lists from the process planning.
  • Transfer production data, shift data, downtime protocols and data for statistic analysis to the process planning.
  • Synchronization of the data in the control level.
  • Transfer order data, production data an error messages from respectively to the corrugator.
  • Manual entry of "hot orders"


The connections to the system components of different manufacturers are very important.


Everything at one glance:

The main screen shows the status of the system with all important data Coloured system components quickly draw the operator's attention to possible problems. The production relevant data is centrally displayed in the middle of the screen.


Overview – the production plan

The production process can changed on demand in the memory which stores 1000 orders. Functions as copy, shift and delete enable quick reaction to customer requirements.


The overview shows the calculated starting times for the individual orders.

Order input

The order input offers important auxiliary functions to the operator:
  • Change the assignment of the knives to orders.
  • Position change (left, middle , right) – fast reaction to the failure of a knife
  • Verifying the orders
  • Save and load orders as template/recipe
  • Graphics of the knife/slitter allocation for checking purposes
  • Loading of memorized quality data


Quality data base

Comfortable input of order data by accessing the memorized quality data with all material related parameters. Quality related order data can be copied from a data base to the current order. So the input is reduced and thus also the possible errors.



Connection to

Cutoff, slitter scorer, stacker, auxiliary shear, microwave heating, big displays, printers, bridge controls, splice synchronization, wet-end controller, EDP, process planning.

Visualization of the connected system components

Display of production related data

All important data is summarized on one screen.

Central input of order data and automatic data transfer to the connected system components

Minimizes data input errors – the orders do not have to be entered at several sections of the line. There is a plausibility check for the data.

Comfortable input of the order data by accessing the memorized quality data with all material related parameters

By means of a quality data base the input is reduced and thus also the possible errors.

Individual order memory / change of the order sequence

Functions like „put back“ and „delete“ enable quick reaction to customer requirements – also independent of process planning.

Registration of downtime reasons

The master computer registers downtimes. The operator chooses a reason for the downtime. These data can be transmitted to the superior EDP-system.

Shift data management

The statistics can be printed or transmitted to the EDP-system.

Take the order data over from the EDP

The connection with the EDP-system grants faultless taking over of the order data. Thus input data errors are a thing of the past.

Retransmission of production data to EDP

The data of the produced orders can be transmitted to the EDP.


Possibility of printing production data, palette sheets, shift data, ...


Amongst others, we connect with

  • BHS, Peters, ara, Geo Martin, Martin, Göpfert
  • Kiwiplan, AD-Soft, PCTOPP, Orderline, Vitron
  • Fosber, Navigator, OMP
  • Others on demand

Teleservice for master computer and µm-sub-computers

With the teleservice system of the master computer even Micromatik systems of the first generation can be serviced by remote diagnostics. This allows for quick and competent support via telephone network or internet.





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