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Paper Converting

Unico is the performance solution to process control problems in the corrugated, pulp and paper, packaging, printing, and other paper converting industries. Applications for Unico drives in these industries include unwinders, slitters, scorers, embossers, perforators, rotary knives, shears, sheeters, die cutters, conveyors, stackers, and printing presses.

Bild: Kaschiermaschine


The litho-laminator from the company ASITRADE laminates the printed sheet accurately onto single-faced corrugated board.


Bild: Etiketten-QS

Cutoff for labels

With the Cutoff for labels from the company WOMAKO the printed paper rolls are transported, individual sheets are cut, piled up, transported, temporarily stored, transported again, shaked, cut to individual strips, and finally a die cutter stamps out the individual labels.



The draw roll drive draws the paper from up to 6 rolls into the machine. Circular knives cut the paper to individual paper webs. The cross cutter from the company E.C.H. Will cuts the sheets into ready to sale formats.

Bild: Stapler

Stacker for Cardboard

The cutoff passes the cut cardboard sheets onto the transport belts of the stacker.
The transport belts transport the overlapping sheets to the stacking unit.


Sheet Cross Cutter

The sheet cross cutter ROTOCUT HS from the company VITS cuts printed paper sheet accurate to size. It is operated inline behind a printing machine.

Dry End of a corrugator


Bild: QuerschneiderRotary Shear (Corrugated Board)

In a corrugator line the rotary shear cuts the sheets of requested length off the corrugated board web. Often two (duplex) or even three (triplex) rotary shears are installed one upon the other.

Bild: Querriller

Transversal Scorer

Corrugated board is produced as continuous web. The transversal scorer from the company Universal Corrugated B.V. grooves (squeezes) the web across transfer direction in equal distance.

Bild: Kurzquerschneider

Auxilary Shear

The auxiliary shear is the first machine of the dry end. For an order change it either once separates the full width of the board or cuts out several sheets in order to obtain a gap for the order change of the slitter scorer.

Bild: Rill und Schneidautomat

Slitter Scorer

The slitter scorer cuts the corrugated board lengthwise and grooves it where it shall be folded later on.

Bild: LeitrechnerMaster Computer Corrugated Board

The master computer system was developed to optimize the production process of a corrugator.

Bilde: Registersteuerung

New Register Control

With the new designed register control the crop mark can be synchronized by means of suitable contrast changes in the print image.





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